Paid Marketing

  • Get Higher Conversions
  • Reach Your Targeted Audience
  • Increase Your Qualified Leads

If you're trying to boost your site traffic and leads and you've considered paying for marketing but you're not sure the best option or what amount to invest to get started, we're here to help. Our service for customers is tailored to satisfy your requirements and budget. We will ensure the highest return on advertising spend (ROAS) within your budget.


Our PPC specialists perform audits to identify areas that require attention to enhance PPC campaigns. This audit uncovers the underperforming campaigns' issues and provides actionable insight that we use to improve your account's health and overall performance. It includes assessing ad group relevancy, refining campaigns, checking the count of ads enabled per ad group, reviewing keyword match type settings, and more.

Keyword research and analysis

We use a blend of relevant tools and an understanding of what the audience wants to anticipate with the keywords. We do this to ensure that the right audience reaches your ads and your website gets the traffic. Our PPC experts perform keyword research and segregate them on the basis of factors like search volume, competition, and industry relevance.

Paid Search optimisation

We strive to amplify your impression rate, click-through rate, and quality share with our paid search optimization services. Our PPC consultant tailor a customized campaign to make way for your brand to rank well on the SERPs. We achieve this by optimizing ad targeting strategies, identifying suitable keywords, building bidding strategies, and by tracking ROI.

Conversion rate optimisation

CRO is one of the essential processes in optimizing the performance of your PPC campaign. We optimize web pages, sponsored ads, and complete website design to calculate conversion rates. Our google ads specialists make a strategy to attract as many visitors to the website to boost the conversion rate and ROI. In addition, we test landing page designs and create user-friendly lead capture forms to improve your quality Score.

Comparison of A/B testing

As an experienced pay per click advertising firm, we use state-of-the-art tools for performance analysis of your campaign and optimize them further. For this, we create various variations of a page element, including page layout, CTA, etc. It helps us in learning about the versions that provide the best results. These results support in optimizing the further paid search campaign and enhancing the overall PPC performance.

Google Ads Account Audit

With our in-depth Google ads audit, we focus on understanding the effectiveness of your account and identifying the possible problems that need attention. We optimize your PPC ads for each platform, enhance your SEM targeting, and influence site link extensions to achieve high engagement rates. All these efforts are made to bring the optimal outcome from your Google Ads Account.

Nextdoor Advertising

We build a way for getting the brand closer to the local customers via Nextdoor advertising. Starting with claiming it, we continue crafting the customized ads and creating a dedicated landing page to divert the traffic from Nextdoor. We also record the metrics to ensure improved outcomes from your campaign.

1. How long can it take for a PPC campaign to reflect results?

he amount of time required for you to experience the benefits of a Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaign will depend on many aspects, such as the industry you are in, your goals for your campaign as well as competition, budget and the efficiency of your marketing plan.

2. Is Pay Per Click (PPC) right for my business?

Take note of your company's goals. Are you seeking to increase the number of visitors to your website, create leads, increase sales or boost brand recognition? PPC is a great way of accomplishing these goals as you align them with the overall plan of your business.

3. Why Should I pay for search engine advertising?

PC advertising enables your adverts to be displayed on the first page of the search results page (SERPs) in a matter of minutes. Its immediate visibility means that your company's name is noticed by prospective customers in the exact time they're looking for services or products similar to yours.

4. How do you track conversions?

There are many methods to assess the effectiveness of your website that track conversion rates. Through Google Analytics integrated with Google Adwords and Google Adwords, we analyze all the analytics of the campaigns you run, including changes, and verify that your ads work in generating the desired results. In addition to conversions, we also provide the complete picture of how your ads perform in the search engines for a better understanding of the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. For more information contact our expert in paid search.

5. Does a paid campaign also help in SEO?

The use of a paid advertising campaign may result in better rankings on search results pages (SERPs) with specific search terms. Even if people don't view your ads this increased visibility can increase brand recognition and eventually result in more brand-related searches. An increase in CTR will signal to search engines that your website is useful and worthwhile and could impact your rankings in organic search.

6. How do you optimize paid search campaigns?

Write compelling ads that is in line with your intended customers' needs, and also highlights the unique selling points of your business. Try different versions of your advertising copy to discover what messages are most popular with your target audience. Make use of ad extensions to give more information to increase ad visibility.

7.Am I tied into a contract?

We at SEO Discovery, we work with our customers every month. If the marketing campaign hasn't resulted in any revenue We will be the first person to point out this and let you terminate at any point. We are committed to building lasting relationships. Therefore, we're totally transparent when it comes to our clients.

8. Where do paid advertisements appear in the search engines?

Search engine advertisements that are paid generally appear on the upper and lower parts of the result pages of search engines (SERP). The ads have been specifically created to be easily accessible and relevant to people with search queries.

9. Why aren't my ads in the top position?

The rank of your ad might be low in comparison to your competitor. There are two main factors that decide your ad ranks- Quality Score and Keyword Bid. If both of these factors are low, then they affect the ad rank. However, keep in mind that being on the top does not correlate to more clicks. Some ads may perform well in second or third place as users don't always click on the first ad they notice.