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Fully Managed White Label SEO Reseller Programs

Looking for a white label resell SEO services in India? With our scalable white-label SEO solutions, we're here to help you eliminate your toughest search engine optimization delivery challenges. Whether it be for early stages or latter half of the process - these specialized outsourced services will keep on delivering results!


The idea of white label SEO reseller service is to give agencies the option to offer pre-made packages and bundles. Expanding your SEO service offerings without having to hire new employees. Providing larger, more comprehensive fulfillments for clients who need it most - and still staying true on budget! With detailed metrics reported monthly on our progress towards meeting client needs, this type of business relationship provides huge benefits without impacting anything except profit margins which are already high.

What are the benefits of using reseller SEO from India?

You can focus on signing up new clients, better SEO results with third party experts at work, and faster turnaround time with a dedicated team working for your clients' websites.

You also save over 70% by outsourcing SEO in India compared to the US

How do you choose a white label SEO reseller partner?

Finding the right white label SEO provider is vital. Here are two points to consider while choosing one:

Are they a full stack SEO services company?  Do they have good number of years of experience in serving US clients?

What’s included in SEO Reselling Services?

White label SEO reselling services offer a range of solutions, from audits and analysis to on-page optimization. They also include link building, local SEO, content creation with white labeled reporting for your convenience!

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Deep SEO Understanding

Our SEO reseller team members are experts in all things SEO. They have decades worth of experience which gives them a deep understanding for how best to use white label reseller campaigns as an effective way to increase your company's visibility online!

Grow Your Agency

Scale your business with pre-packaged SEO reseller services that can be added on to an already existing agency or personal website. Start all the work at once and worry about operational capacity later; our white label programs in India will provide you everything needed so there’s no need for hiring in house talent, balancing client demands etcetera—just put out fires as they arise!

100% White Label Reporting Dashboard

PageTraffic offers a 100% white label reporting dashboard for its SEO resellers. The dashboard provides all the information that the resellers need to track the progress of their clients' campaigns. It also includes detailed real-time reports on website rankings, organic traffic, backlinks built, and much more.



Save countless hours on reporting with Upxano

If you're looking for a way to save time and showcase the value of your SEO services, our SEO reseller dashboard Upxano is the perfect solution. With Upxano you can quickly and easily track the progress of your clients' SEO campaigns, identify potential issues and track the campaign performance.

Plus, the Upxano dashboard makes it easy to show your clients how their campaign is progressing and demonstrate the value of your services.


From the moment you start working with us, we will assign a dedicated Reseller SEO Account Manager in India who is available on Basecamp, Skype, Zoom calls and emails. He also act as a single point of contact for any updates on these projects and can help keep track so there is less worry about what's happening behind-the-scenes!

He can be reached through chat or phone to help take care of your white label SEO campaigns so that everything goes smoothly without you worrying about the updates.


If you are looking for a way to keep track of your website's on-page changes, then our SEO reseller dashboard Upxano is a great option.

Upxano dashboard will give you real-time updates on any changes that are made to your website's pages. This can be a great way to ensure that your website's SEO is always up to date.


Upxano offers a unique and comprehensive backlinks monitoring and analysis solution that helps you to get an edge over your competitors. Our white label SEO reseller dashboard gives you an instant overview of your client's website's backlinks, including their quality and quantity.

You can also use our backlinks analysis tool to identify the links that are helping to improve your SEO rankings the most.


Our SEO reseller dashboard offers inbound links and indexed page monitoring to help you track your website's progress and performance. Our dashboard also includes detailed reports and graphs so you can easily see how your website is doing.

Our tools are easy to use and provide accurate data so you can see how we make informed decisions about your client's SEO strategy.


Our SEO reseller dashboard offers white label SEO reports packed with data to impress your clients. Our SEO reports are customizable and can be branded with your company's logo and colors.

With our SEO reseller program in India, you can offer your clients the best in SEO services while maintaining your own branding!

Empowering 220+ Reseller SEO Agencies across the World


  • 10000

    Campaigns Managed

  • 120

    Highly experienced and skilled team members in India

  • 7

    Offices Across 3 Countries

  • No minimum monthly volume commitment

  • No Retainer Fee

  • NDA – confidentiality agreement to protect your clients information

  • Custom white label reporting dashboard

  • Flexible Pricing Models (Fixed Price/Hourly/Hire Full-time)

Our Process

How our seo reseller program Works?

You get all the benefits of our regular SEO services, but with your own branding.

Access to Full SEO Services

You have a full range of choices when it comes to campaign management. Ansumiti Technosoft can remain completely in the background and send all the project reports to you, which you can forward to the client.

Reporting under your brand name

Ansumiti Technosoft can send the reports, imprinted with your brand name, directly to the client under a generic email id like

White Label SEO Project Management

Ansumiti Technosoft can provide access to our white label project management system to both you and the client. Both of you can log in to check campaign progress and communicate with the team. The client will never know of our existence.

Our Features


Ansumiti's Technosoft reseller SEO services in India give you the ability to offer your clients premium SEO services without having to worry about the intricate details of search engine optimization.

White Label Website Audit

Our website audit program is an in-depth analysis of your clients website that examines everything, right from the website's structure and design to its on-page optimization and link profile. We also offer a detailed report that outlines our findings and and then design a plan to make the changes on the client’s website.

Done-For-Clients Keyword Research

Once we've got an idea of what keywords your client wants to target based on the results from competitor analysis and SEO audit, it's time for us to move onto keyword research. We use a diverse range of methods--both manual and automated!--to identify those highly relevant words that are just right for them.

On-Page Optimization

At this stage we use the keywords discovered through proper research to modify your content so as to gain better rankings and increase organic traffic on site! We also optimize different ranking factors including headings tags titles descriptions meta descriptions among others which are all important parts when it comes down ensuring you rank higher on Google or other search engines.

Content Creation

In case the client site is light on content, we offer US native content writer services, which can help to increase the quantity and quality of website copy, leading to better search engine visibility and organic traffic.

Organic Link Acquisition

High relevance and specific backlinks are a must for every SEO campaign. Our team in India ensures that these links have high relevance and specificity in order to be accurate representations of your client's website's content. We always try to get links from the sites with strong metrics like good organic traffic and Domain Rating (DR).

Lead Tracking

We understand that you want to measure the success of your clients' SEO campaigns. That's why besides access to Upxano - our SEO Dashboard, we also provide monthly reports with all our optimization decisions and reasoning behind them so you can see how well-optimized a specific client is at any given time.



We are a reputable SEO reseller company that has helped many businesses grow their online presence. Our partner saw $1M+ in new sales thanks to white-label SEO services and other online marketing solutions, including Google Ads!

If you're looking to achieve similar results, then PageTraffic is the perfect choice. With over two decades of experience in SEO and being dedicated to help our SEO Reseller succeed online - we'll be able provide all that's needed!

Want the full case study? Get in touch and we’ll send it across.

Empowering 220+ SEO Agencies across the world. Take advantage of our Technology Platform Today!

Our SEO Reseller Service


B2B SEO is a spectacular way to increase organic traffic to your website and boost its ranking. Make your business visible to the audience that is actively looking for relevant business.

Ecommerce SEO

The E-commerce market has cut-throat competition and gaining online visibility via organic SEO can prove to be a game changer for your business in terms of traffic and sales.

Local SEO

Businesses that need a boost in visibility with the vision to gain more foot traffic to brick and mortar office, LOCAL SEO is the ideal solution.

Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO is the second largest search engine platform and optimizing your content for the same can skyrocket your business's appearance and reliability resulting in more traffic on your site.

Shopify SEO

Smart Shopify SEO techniques work towards helping you reach your potential customers effectively. From optimizing your Shopify site structure to ranking higher to content marketing, Shopify SEO is a formula to drive more sales from your site.

Magento SEO

The set of SEO techniques is termed Magento SEO services. Savit makes use of off-the-bat techniques that are unique to the Magento platform to make adjustments from an SEO perspective to take your online marketing campaigns to new heights.

International SEO

Improve your site’s visibility beyond boundaries with efficient and result-oriented strategies through International SEO services by Savit interactive.

Wordpress SEO

Optimize your site, drive traffic, and be found in just a few clicks by levelling up your WordPress SEO with result-driven strategies by Savit Interactive

SEO Packages

Search Engine Optimization Packages for Six Months / Recommended for start-ups



Top identified questions our SEO Reseller Services clients are asking us about White Label SEO Programs

1. When can my clients start seeing the rankings?

SEO is an investment of time and money. Typically our clients start seeing positive results in 3-6 months of starting the SEO. First page rankings can take 6-9 months.

2. Do you offer agency pricing?

Yes, we offer discounts when you sign up for bulk projects. This can be discussed with the sales team.

3. How much can I charge my clients for the SEO work?

That's totally up to you. You can charge any amount that you deem fit.

4. Will PageTraffic use my client's name anywhere?

No, we will not. When you signup for White Label services, we will maintain complete secrecy, and your clients' name will not appear in any of our publications.

5. How does white label reporting work?

When you sign up a White Label SEO Reseller agreement with us, all the reporting is done under your company's logo.

6. Why should I work with an SEO reseller company?

Outsourcing work to an SEO reseller lets you concentrate on more important tasks like marketing and business development, while an experienced team works on the SEO tasks. It's a win-win situation.

7. How will I track the work done for my clients?

We will provide you the access to our Project Management System where you can track the work being done.

8. How does PageTraffic ensure that website Logs from any other country don't make my client feel that the work is being outsourced?

We use country specific IPs and VPN to ensure your client doesn't come to know that the work has been outsourced.