Video Marketing

Online video content consumption statistics: The consumer side

Today, in the digital age Video Content is now a major factor in the way we consume information, communicate to brands and also entertain our own. For a progressive business it is crucial to know the changing nature of video streaming.

What are some common reasons businesses don’t have a video strategy for their campaign?

Although online video content is becoming increasingly popular and efficient however, there are many reasons that businesses might not develop a strategy to use video in their marketing campaigns. The reasons for this can be based upon factors such as resource as well as priorities and misperceptions.

Making high-quality videos can take a substantial expenditure in the areas of production equipment, equipment edits, as well as talent. Many businesses view that video production is expensive and decide to use alternatives that appear to be more affordable methods of marketing.

The most popular types of videos you can create

A highly effective strategy to use video includes a mixture of various kinds of videos according to your objectives and your target audience. Each one has its own role and makes for an engaging and comprehensive videos collection.

General video marketing statistics that prove videos are powerful marketing tools

86 % of marketers count on videos for marketing instrument.

The majority of marketers agree that video content is directly responsible for increasing sales. This makes it obvious to make videos a part of their marketing efforts via digital.

B2B marketers typically use video marketing a lot more frequently, with 71 % of them using videos as part of their marketing strategies while just 66 percent of B2C marketers employ it.

Video Engagement Stats for Social Media

Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook has become an exciting platform, offering unprecedented opportunities for connecting with your target audience. In the vast arsenal of tools Facebook Video Marketing stands out as an enthralling way to connect, inspire and create lasting impressions.

Youtube Video Marketing

YouTube is an incredibly powerful platform that could change the way your company's presence is perceived online. YouTube Video Marketing can open the door to a realm of storytelling through video, interaction and connections that can capture the attention and imagination of your target audience.

LinkedIn Video Marketing

LinkedIn can be described as a highly effective platform with unique possibilities to show off your IT company's capabilities, build an image of thought leadership and communicate to a wide-ranging public. LinkedIn Video Marketing is your way to make a long-lasting impression within the business world.

Twitter Video Marketing

Twitter is a lively platform with a distinctive way to promote your brand's message. The Twitter Video Marketing platform is the way to engage your audience by igniting conversation as well as establishing connections in a matter of 280 characters. Let's explore the realm of Twitter Video Marketing and how it will help propel your IT business's visibility up to the next level.

Instagram Video Marketing

In the realm of storytelling through visuals and artistic expressiveness, Instagram reigns supreme as an app that is thriving with captivating images and compelling stories. Instagram Video Marketing is your way to create compelling visual stories that are a hit with your viewers, and leave a lasting impression on their journey through the digital world.


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